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Private investors, fund managers and institutional investors

KanAm offers investment opportunities for high net worth individuals, fund managers and institutional investors. Closed-end funds or private placements in real estate are a traditional means for entrepreneurial and profitable investments directly into both existing commercial real estate and attractive real estate development opportunities. KanAm provides services related to the acquisition and disposition of commercial real estate, leasing and property management, and the legal and tax aspects of real estate investment.

Since 1978, KanAm has successfully sponsored closed-end real estate funds, especially in the U.S., and has more than thirty years of experience and history; KanAm has also offered fund investments in Germany. Twenty of the thirty-eight sponsored closed-end funds have been terminated. These completed transactions provided KanAm investors an average double-digit return per year. 

These years of satisfaction of KanAm's investors, provided by both operating cash flow distributions and special distributions, is reflected in the high reinvestment rate in new KanAm products by existing investors.

As a KanAm investor, twice a year you will receive reports on your investment properties and also audited annual financial statements for the investment funds. For all other questions, the employees of the investor relations department are available to assist you. They will also support you as an intermediary to a U.S. tax firm that can handle your US tax matters for you. KanAm has cooperated with this tax firm for decades (Wilson LLP, CPA). 

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